NOTICE: To best serve our grower customers, CommoditAg reserves the right to limit order volume on high-demand products due to industry-wide shortages.

About Us

Bringing farmers more value
through choice and transparency


CommoditAg is a convenient online marketplace for farmers. We work alongside a network of trusted retailers and suppliers across the USA to provide more opportunities for farmers to access the agricultural inputs and supplies they need at a great price. We focus on providing a superior customer experience, driven by transparent pricing, personalized support and seamless accessibility. CommoditAg represents the future of shopping for inputs featuring unmatched product selection with real-time pricing and inventory status.

As a subsidiary of Farmers Edge, a global leader in digital agriculture, we’re committed to putting innovation at the forefront to help reduce production costs and maximize farmers' profit potential. We believe farmers are the heroes of our planet, working hard to produce more for a growing population and we’re committed to providing them with a modern shopping platform that exceeds their evolving needs to help ensure the long-term resiliency of the farm